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The authors, Harry Shapiro and Max Daly, say the headline goals of the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, which came into force last May, have been achieved. High street outlets for novel psychoactive substances (NPSs) have been shut down. One police officer told researchers that 14 out of the 24 shops in his area had closed in the week before the law came into force, before the police had a chance to deliver a warning letter. The north-east area ambulance service reported a significant reduction in NPS-related callouts after May. However, the report says that as what google did to me a result of the ban, Spice and other NPSs have become just another street drug being sold by illicit dealers. Even before the act was passed, there were reports of Spice being sold from mobile food outlets. Areas report firesales of branded, head shop NPS stock in the days before the act. As these stocks run out, it is now becoming common for street dealers to sell NPS, mainly Spice, from plain, clear bags with no branding, says the report. The authors say illicit Spice prices vary enormously, from 30 to 60 a gram in central London to 10 a gram in Leeds and among the hostel and homeless community in Manchester. They say the continuing use of Spice among vulnerable street communities, including rising numbers of rough sleepers, is a cause for concern.

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